Frequently Asked Questions

What does unlimited updates cover?

This probably a favorite question from you guys. The unlimited update includes the general task of managing WordPress.


Task include: 


  • Update content (blog, page) in your website (Content you provided)
  • Add new product on your website woocommerce
  • Modify style of CSS in your website
  • Install plugins on your website
  • Replace content on your website


All of the tasks above need to provide by you.


Task not include: 


  • Write content from scratch
  • Write custom function on your website
  • Redesign your entire website
  • Build a custom WordPress theme
  • Build a landing page
  • Modify WordPress plugins
  • PSD/Sketch to WordPress
  • Graphic Design
  • Custom Development

Do you accept website not using WordPress

Contact us in a live chat so we can discuss further

How does speed optimization works?

We optimized your site in term of server,cache, images, http request

Seriously are you backup daily?

Yeah. If something bad happens we can easily restore the site in single click.

What information available in weekly report?

There are website analytics, themes & plugins have been updated, Load time, sales report (for WooCommerce), backup report. This is the sample report.

How long it will take to complete a task?

Normally it will finish in 24 – to 48 hours. If the task is too large, we will breakdown and let you know the time taken.

How is the process of assign a task?

We have a ticketing system to handle all the task. After register, you’ll get a login to ticketing system and you can submit the task through the system or email us directly.

Is it true unlimited updates?

Yes. I know it’s too good to be true. Pay for our service at a flat rate per month, and we provide unlimited updates.   Chill and see your website updated.

Still have questions?

You may have a question to ask, contact us in the live chat and we will follow up asap. If you're ready to let us take care of your website, you may fill up the form.